I am a hiker, runner, and cyclist, and I’m always active with a hydration pack of some shape or size.

I’ve tried a variety of products, from hand bottles, hydration belts, to CamelBak-like systems. But I found the Teton Sports TrailRunner 2.0 hydration pack to be the perfect answer. Not heavy at all, comfortable to use, leak-free, and has space for the essential on-the-go supplies.

The Teton hydration backpack is kept in place thanks to the sternum and hip straps which ensure the load is stabilized and unlikely to slide off. The mesh pouch on the outside it perfect for sandwiches, energy bars, or similar snacks. Plus, the front bungee cord offers a great solution to pack a windbreaker/light jacket for cool weather conditions.

If I had to mention a negative with the TrailRunner 2.0, I would say that the bite valve flow rate can be quite slow compared to certain other packs. But, this isn’t an issue with I was hiking, although it can be an issue with trail running.

Come find out why the Teton Sports TrailRunner 2.0 Hydration Backpack is worth the price!


  • BPA-free
  • 70-ounce (or 2 liter) capacity
  • Mesh pouch for snacks, phone, wallet, etc.
  • Size: 16.5-Inch by 0.7-Inch by 10.5-Inch
  • Breathable back panel
  • Stay-put shoulder strap adjustment
  • Velcro closure


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Great product! I use the Teton Sports TrailRunner for a variety of activities, including long distance runs and hikes, and find this pack to be a great option. It holds up to 2 liters of sports drink or water, and even when full is still comfortable to use, even on the longer hikes.

I much prefer this to some of the belts that seem to move about too much. Once I secure the straps, this hydration pack doesn’t shift or bounce around. Plus, it is really easy to refill and it has reliable pockets for holding keys, wallet, phone, etc.

It is a fraction of the price of a CamelBak at a similar 2 liter size and works nearly as efficiently. I also have a Camelbak and this hydration pack is more perfect as a cost-effective option.


The rear mesh pocket has elastic compression straps which have been acceptable at keeping things inside, but I don’t feel it is 100% secure so I avoid putting anything of value in there. A better option would have been Velcro or snaps. A more reliable system would make me more comfortable about using it for the keys or my phone.

A minor issue relates to the need to fully remove the bladder from the pack before being in a position to refill. I believe a better design could have been achieved which would leave the bladder in place throughout the refill process.

Check out all of our Hydration Pack Reviews!

Best Bits

  • Easy hold 2L of water
  • Simple to clean
  • Lightweight to use
  • Easy to use mouthpiece
  • Great at keeping water cool
  • Quick and easy to refill

Worst Bits

  • Not the most reliable pockets
  • Bladder must be removed to fill

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