Love this backpack.

The Teton Sports Oasis 110 hydration backpack w/bladder is easily able to accept everything I want to put inside. The small pockets are great to hold keys, phone, wallet, compass, binoculars, or similar sized items. In the bladed section I can include more gear, while the large pocket is perfect for a lunch bag, fleece, or rain jacket.

I would prefer it if the backpack came in a slightly larger size, say 25 L or so, but that is just my preference. I’ve used the Teton Sports Oasis on a four day trek and it works perfectly well for what I needed. Even though I get caught up in a rain shower or two, the built in rain cover is a really practical feature.

One slight complaint with this pack is the water taste on the first two or three times of using. In my opinion, it tastes quite like plastic at first – but this soon fades and it is hardly noticeable now.

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  • 70 oz (or 2 Liter) hydration bladder, BPA free
  • Large pouch with weather guard to protect lunch, clothes, mobile, etc
  • Comfort inspired straps with mesh covering and high-density stabilizer
  • Medium side pocket to accept sunscreen, energy bars, etc.
  • Let air circulate via the mesh-covered pads (0.5 inch thick)
  • Water-repellent rain-fly
  • Dimensions 10-inch 18.5-inch x x 7-inch


I used this backpack on a long hiking trip and have no real issues to complain about. The Teton Sports Oasis provides enough space to store the essentials without feeling too bulky. Plus, it comes in the more neutral colors, so this gives the option to avoid some of the more awful colors that these packs are manufactured in. I liked the back insulation and mesh over-the-shoulder straps which is great for breathability and air flow.

Overall, the bladder pack works well, is easy to clean, dries easily, and refills easily. A great hydration packs for the price and avoids the need to invest in the high ticket CamelBak products.


This hydration pack is perfect as a day pack for a hiking or hunting trip, but isn’t able to handle everything needed for camping. Also, while the material is quite resistant to tears, it can still get ripped if rubbed against a rugged surface.

In my opinion, the water bladder as a standalone item isn’t the best quality, so if you’re planning on hiking a lot it might benefit to upgrade to a better bladder in the future.

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Best Bits

  • 45% below the brand name products
  • Great storage options for the day hike
  • Easy to use tube mechanism
  • Solid zipper quality
  • Well construction, including seams and straps
  • Multiple attachment points
  • Rainfly is great

Worst Bits

  • Should straps might be uncomfortable for some
  • Bladder pack isn’t the highest quality and quite flimsy

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