The Outdoor Products H20 Performance hydration pack is a reliable performer at a quite affordable price.

If you want to save on the expense of a CamelBak unit, this type of pack might give the desired satisfaction. I found it very portable and lightweight and easy to drink from. Definitely a great purchase of the price and has a lifetime warranty in place.

The construction of the hydration pack appears to be satisfactory based on the workload it has provided so far. It is easy to refill the bladder and remove it from the pack.

The Outdoor Products pack is certain to appeal to those in search of a simple, well-made hydration bladder that will hold a useful amount of water (2 liters). All parts of the hydration pack work well… easy to fill… no leaking… lightweight. Very useful on a long walk, hike, or cycle ride.

Come find out why the Outdoor Products H20 Performance Hydration Pack is worth the price!


  • High-performance and lightweight pack
  • Easy bladder to lift in and lift out
  • Cool mesh pack and breathable should straps
  • 2 liter reservoir


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The H20 Performance has held up great after a month or so worth of use and it has kept the water cool while out hiking or running. I fill the pack when I’m ready to run or hike and it really keeps me hydrated with needed to lug a large water bottle.

I noticed that it’s easy to keep the water cool all day long by just adding a handful of ice cubes and it is perfectly chilled throughout the day.

Even though it is easy to use and maneuver I would prefer a slightly longer hose attachment which would make it easier to secure in place.


While this is a hydration pack has the ability to take a knock or two it will certainly start to show signs of wear and tear after repeated use (several months or more). But, with general use with this product I have certainly been satisfied.

For some, the hydration pack might sit higher than preferred on the back and this doesn’t give the best placement for the sternum. But, there is a strap that helps to minimize issues with excessive bouncing or movement while out engaging in the more active pursuits like jogging.

Best Bits

  • Slim and compact build
  • Easy to lift the bladder in and out
  • Light and easy to carry
  • Breathable mesh straps
  • Non-leaking
  • Quick adjustable straps

Worst Bits

  • Limited in relation to storage space


The Outdoor Products H20 Performance hydration pack has a List Price of $31.50 and Best Price of $21.18 (subject to change). This is a low-profile pack and great for hiker and trail runners who want a simple, yet effective solution to replenishing fluids on the go.

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