A solid replacement bladder system and I have no real concerns.

The Outdoor Products 2L reservoir is pretty easy to clean, doesn’t appear to leak, is cost-effective, and comes with clear cleaning instructions.

I have used the OP reservoir on several long hikes to date and it seems to be able to perform without complaint.

The bite valve and host system are easily detached from the pack. The bite valve is holding up well, but when first starting out it does need to be prepared in line with the instructions.

After multiple uses I haven’t really noticed any undesirable tastes in the drinking water, although this does appear to be a common complaint with certain other reservoirs.

This OP product is easy to close and easy to fill.

Outdoor Products 2L Reservoir

Plus, I like the length of the hose which is more than enough to reach my mouth from its housing in my day pack’s water pouch.

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  • BPA-free material
  • 100% tasteless and odorless
    Quick connecting hose
  • V-shaped reservoir easily fits in most 2 liter sized hydration packs
  • Great flow hose and bite valve


For the cost of this reservoir, it is a perfect alternative to some of the more expensive options in the market. It appears to be solidly built (even comparable to the upper-priced packs) and it doesn’t leak.

A slight negative with this reservoir is the quite small mouth piece which can make it more difficult to get a good gulp of water at once – although with some careful handiwork and a knife, it is possible to make the opening slightly larger.

This OP pack is a perfect method to haul water on hike, run, or cycle adventure.

Most of the complete backpacks with built-in water solutions are noticeable more costly. Plus, it has the option to replace the mouthpiece, which means useable lifespan is easily extended should this part start to fail.

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Overall no problems or leaks in the time I have been using this pack.


The only real con I can have with the Outdoor Products 2L reservoir is the difficulty to fully drain once finished using the pack.

The hole placement is slightly up from the bottom, which leaves a small amount of water in the reservoir that is difficult to clear. However, this isn’t a major concern as a lot of the hydration packs are made in a similar fashion.

Outdoor Pro is certain to provide a practical addition to an active person’s arsenal and is much more cost-effective to purchase.

Best Bits

  • Wide drinking cap, which is taint-less and flavorless
  • Accepts ice cubes
  • Low cost

Worst Bits

  • Bite valve is quite small
  • Lack of cover for the bite valve
  • Can be difficult to clean/dry


The Outdoor Products 2L reservoir has a List Price of $18.99 and Best Price of $9.97 (subject to change). I really believed the OP bladder pack is great value.

If you’re able to accept the slow water flow from the hose, it is certain to provide a practical choice.

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