I recently put the Osprey Packs Hydraulics LT Reservoir through its paces.

It certainly worked well and I have no real complaints. I found the wide-mouth system to be very straightforward to fill, even in a rush or using trail water pumps. Plus, the pack has markers to clearly indicate the volume of water left.

Plus, I can easily pack this reservoir into the hydration sleeve on my Osprey Ariel 65L bag. Also, when attempting to refill with water, it is even possible to remove the bladder from its bag and return without an issue.

In my opinion the bladder construction seems durable compared to some alternatives I have used. Even after a long hike over difficult terrain I didn’t notice any leaks. Plus, it comes with a magnetic sternum which is perfect for holding the hose in place.

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  • Synthetic materials
  • ¼ inch flexible hose
  • Marked (liters) reservoir body
  • Sternum strap and bite valve (magnetic)
  • Slim-profile to keep pack close to the body


The Osprey Packs Hydraulics LT pack is one of the best hydration systems I have at home ready to use. It has a great hydration reservoir and is easy to work with, roomy, and simple to refill. And the mouthpiece magnet is a perfect invention to simplify the process of using this pack.

I really like the Osprey pack and its large 2 liter pack. Just the volume I need when out on treks. Plus, the huge size of the mouthpiece makes it practical to refill in a rush.

Make sure to close the hydration pack properly or it will start to leak. It takes some time at first to work out the proper position to close the pack, but once that is established you are leak free.


Although not always an issue, the bite valve can start to get a bit tiring after a long hike. Plus, the actual tube attachment is about 1 or 2 cm above the bottom which means the last of the water is difficult to reach without twisting or tilting the bladder.

Best Bits

  • Easily accepts a high volume of water
  • Its ridged construction makes it simple to refill.
  • Plus, this rigid design means the actual backpack is given sufficient shape
  • Magnetic clip
  • Plastic free taste
  • Labeled water markings

Worst Bits

  • Unable to reach all the water (the tub is slightly above the bladders bottom)
  • Bite valve might be tiring to use for some after long-term use

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