The Ispeed 70 oz Sport hydration pack has a nice weight distribution making it comfortable to haul on an adventure — whether this might be cycling or hiking.

The reservoir opening is in the region of 1.75 inch so easy to quickly refill when needed.

There is a rear shut-off value that can feel quite tight and relies on a lot of pressure to get it working. Water taste is quite pleasant. I just rinsed out the pack before using and I didn’t really notice any of the plastic taste that usually comes with these bladders.

Plus, the hydration pack is easily lifted out and this leaves the backpack as a standalone bag to carry supplies for other more local activities.

Ispeed 70 oz Sport

The Ispeed Sports pack is compact and light so only weighs about 11.2 oz when empty.

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  • Load capacity 2 liters or 70 oz
  • Durable nylon construction
  • Comes with reflectivity for extra safety
  • Reliable stash pockets
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Size: 17 inch by 2 inch by 7 inch


The design of the Ispeed hydration pack is quite different and unique. It has the inside bladder, which is easily removed with filled with 70 oz of water. Plus, it has what appears a tight and reliable cap that is secure. For ease in drinking the fluid, the hose has a special on/off locking valve.

For better temperature control of the water, there is just enough space to add in a miniature ice pack. It’s constructed in the reliable nylon material which is tough enough for the trails and the reflectivity factor is great for safety.

Also, I was able to achieve the preferred fit and comfortable thanks to the adjustable straps. In every sense, this is a great hydration pack for the long biking, hiking, or walking outings in the heat.

Ispeed 70 ounce bladder


While I like the Ispeed 70 oz hydration pack in general the one complaint I do have relates to cleaning the bladder after use. It can be quite difficult to fully dry the pack, and I would prefer to avoid issues with leftover water going gray and stale and leading to nasty bacteria.

It would be great if I could find a more efficient method to safety store the pack after in between hikes.

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Best Bits

  • Mess-free and easy refill
  • The shoulder straps are adjustable, rubberized, and non-slip
  • Safety comes first with reflective stripes
  • Long tube for easy access to the water
  • Non-leak bite valve
  • Strong nylon zippers
  • Backpack accepts a variety of items (binoculars, flashlight, snack bars,cell phone, keys, wallet, etc.)

Extra padding on the rear-side for comfort in wearing

Worst Bits

  • A lack of a chest strap to hold the backpack in place
  • Straps aren’t the most comfortable when not wearing protective layers underneath


The Ispeed 70 oz Sport hydration pack has a Best Price of $23.99 (subject to change). All in all, a great product for the price and would happily recommend it to those in the market for a tough and reliable hydration pack.

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