The United States has plenty of options for those planning a hiking vacation.

Hiking Vacation

Here are five of the best places in the U.S. to hike.

Zion National Park (Utah)

Zion National Park in Utah is a paradise destination for the dedicated hiker or climber with a choice of mild or challenging trails. One of the highest rated trails is at Angels Landing, which is challenging with narrow paths at height and provides a 5 mile round trip.

Plus, the foot of the canyon has the famous Narrows and gives the option to hike the Virgin River. The length of the hike can vary drastically with long or short trail outline.

Also, certain areas of the Narrows are difficult to pass and restricted to the more experience hiker with climbing gear becoming a requirement in certain sections.

Other popular areas include the Emeral Pools Trails, East Rims Trail, and The Kayenta Trail.

Grand Canyon (Arizona)

The Grand Canyon provides a variety of exciting hikes. Hiking or camping at the bottom of the canyon gives a more unique perspective of the area compared to what a vast majority of tourist sees from the rim.

Hiking the Grand Canyon is subject to applying for a permit which go quickly in high season so necessary to apply early.

A popular site to explore is the Bright Angel Trail, which is based on the south rim and stretches some nine and a half miles. Plus, it is very exposed which makes it more challenging in the heat throughout the summer months.

The less accessible rim of the canyon is the North Rim, which makes it less crowded and gives the option to view the canyon when looking at a different outlook.

Yosemite National Park (California)

Visit Yosemite National Park to get 800+ miles for relaxing to hardcore trails to explore with beautiful scenery, meadows, mountains, prehistoric looking trees, and hundreds of lakes.

Popular hiking trails in this national park include Yosemite Valley region, which includes several of the established hiking trails. Permits are needed to complete certain trails.

Give the Glacier Point Road a try if wishing to admire the surroundings from up high. Several of the preferred hikes include Glacier Point, Mono Meadow, and Sentinel Dome.

Columbia River Gorge (Oregon & Washington)

Surrounded by spectacular scenery, the Columbia River Gorge provides endless hiking opportunities that include parts of Oregon and Washington. Hiking trails stretch some 80+ miles and perfect for all levels.

Some of the most interesting sites are seen on the Angel’s Rest, Dog Mountain, and Mount Defiance trails.

A short distance from Portland, Angel’s Rest is one of the favored choices and at 4.5 miles in length is quite a short hike, but still an enjoyable time for those planning on a day-hike.

Denali National Park (Alaska)

A visit to the Denali National Park provides one of the more interesting regions to hike in the U.S. Most of the hiking paths are unmarked, which leaves a lot of wilderness and backcountry to explore in its raw form.

A permit is a required for hiking the popular trails in Denali so make sure to check what is needed before arriving.