Camelback Mountain is just waiting to be conquered, towers 1395-ft above its base, and dominates the Phoenix landscape.

It is a great tourist activity with easy access and hiking trails taking a reasonably short time.

Urban hikes

Hiking Camelback Mountain gives access to one of finest urban trails in the US. The varying trails are situated close to resorts and hotels to make it popular with vacationers and travelers to the area. An estimated 350,000 hikers visit the region on an annual basis.

The hiking trails at Camelback Mountain vary in relation to difficulty with easy hikes for the complete beginner to the hard and strenuous climbs for the more experienced. An easy trail like the Ramada Loop Trail or Bobby’s Rock Trail can be completed within 60 minutes, while the longer trails, and highly rewarding views include the Summit Trail and Cholla Trail.

Be properly prepared for hiking Camelback Mountain and pack enough water to last the duration of the hike, especially if hiking in the heat of the summer. Also, stay within the marked trails to minimize the risk of injuries or having to be rescued.

Hiking Camelback Mountain Trails

Here are four of the popular trails to experience at Camelback Mountain (Phoenix, Arizona):

Bobby’s Rock Trail

The Bobby’s Rock Trail at 0.25 miles in length is one of the less demanding trail routes in the region, which has made it much in-demand for families, elderly, and beginners. It has an elevation gain of 200-ft and a difficulty rating of easy.

Even though this trail is short and easy, the views and mountain scenery along the course are stunning, and gives many opportunities for taking photographs.

The start of Bobby’s Rock Trail is found in the region of the Summit trailhead parking area.

Ramada Loop Trail

The Ramada Loop Trail is quite short at 0.125 miles in length and takes the hikers in the Echo Canyon region.

It has an elevation gain of 100-ft and a difficulty rating of easy. The Ramada Loop Trail is perfect for walking, trail running, and hiking. It is a dog-friendly path, but a leash must be used at all times.

A preferred time to hike the trail is during the week because it is extremely popular at the weekends. Great features of this trail are the photo opportunities and stunning scenery.

Cholla Trail

The Cholla Trail is approx 1.5 miles in length with an elevation gain of 1290-ft and rocky, steep sections that have drop-offs on each side of the path.

Cholla trail is a well-maintained path and gets more technical and challenging on the progress up to the ridge line.

Parts of the trail are quite precipitous and rocky, so isn’t a recommended hike for those with a dislike for heights or walking with young children.

The trail is mostly favored by walkers and hikers and opens to the public year-round. It is dog-friendly but must be on a leash at all times.

Echo Canyon

The Echo Canyon Trail is about 1.2 miles in length with an elevation gain of 1,264-ft and includes a climb up the western-side of the mountain.

It is rated with a difficulty rating and the terrain varies on the climb and is certain to be a leg-burning experience.

On arrival at the summit it is possible to get unparalleled views of the local landscape.