A smartphone with the best hiking apps installed can make a valuable piece of equipment.

Hiking apps can consist of adventure, camping help, hiking aids, and trail GPS.

Hiking Apps

Here are four of the best apps for hiking activity:

Project Noah

Project Noah gives the opportunity to record the personal encounters with wildlife and easily share with others that have signed and jointed the program. It is able to function as a field guide to its wide-ranging collection of plant life and animals.

The photographs of plants and animals can be filtered by area to make it possible to realize the likely encounters on a planned hike.

Plus, it is possible to capture personal photographs of interesting plant life and wildlife and submit these for submission to the database.

Project Noah is an engaging app for kids and certain to help those wishing to learn more about the nature.

Price: Free

MapMyHike GPS Hiking

MapMyHike GPS Hiking is a simple solution to track activity while hiking, running, or cycling. This hiking app has the ability to give feedback on:

  • Average pace
  • Calories burned
  • Distance covered
  • Planned route

It aims to help improve the efficiency of a workout and include plenty of features to assist with a planned hiking adventure.

Local hiking routes are easily displayed on screen which can be tracked to make it possible to calculate the time needed to complete.

While it is possible to download the MapMyHike GPS Hiking app for free, there are several in-app purchases available to increase the functionality. Extra features include:

  • Audio coaching
  • Heart rate analysis
  • Route recommendations
  • Track hiking partners

Price: Free (plus in-app purchases)


The AllTrails hiking app is perfect for those searching for a potential site to go walking, running, cycling, nature watching, etc.

AllTrails is pre-loaded with 50,000 trails based in Northern America. This app makes it quick and easy to find the best trails in the local area before setting off on a hike or mountain bike adventure.

Plus, there is the ability to self-create trials using text, photographs, and GPS tracking – these can be kept personal or shared with other outdoor enthusiasts.

AllTrails does include a pro version with an upgrade of $50 to join the membership program. A benefit of this is the ability to print and edit maps, while also partnering with National Geographic Maps.

Price: Free (plus in-app purchases)

Evеrу Trail:

Every Trail is one of the most popular hiking apps and provides quick access to 350,000 plus travel tips and route maps submitted by real travelers.

Popular features include

  • Audio guides
  • Maps with Points of Interest (POI) highlighted
  • Travel logs

An upgrade on the app will give the option to track the route via GPS. Plus, this guide can be used to help with creating the personalized maps or passed on to others to use.

In addition to the trails for hikers, the data for this app can also extend to help those interested in sail, ski, bike, or similar trails.