Glamping: Why rough it, when you can lux it?

Have you ever eaten authentic tortillas in a traditional Mayan hut? Taken a vintage campervan along the coast of Sweden? Slept in a treehouse in Thailand? If you have, then you already know something about “glamping,” a new hot trend in travel that has both temporary tourists and committed nomads enthralled. The level of “glamor” and the prices do vary widely for these activities and thus appeal to any taste or budget. Committed glampers include honeymooners, families, retired couples, even corporate partners on teamwork retreats.

The Art of Glamp

There are three distinct features that your outdoor adventure must have in order to be considered true glamp, a perfect combination of camping and glamor. First, your shelter must be unique, authentic, and ecologically friendly. Secondly, you must literally be within steps of the wild, whether it be vast desert, snowy mountains, or rolling plains. Last, and best of all, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort, space, or style to enjoy your getaway. Meals are high quality, gourmet fare, often local specialties, and hot running water is never very far away. Textiles and furniture are usually crafted by regional artisans or made from reclaimed and repaired materials. If you’re cooking on your own, then your kitchen amenities are equipped to handle even your own most exquisite personal dishes.

A Different Domicile

Or a tent, a palapa, a treehouse, even mobile shelters like RVs and houseboats are all a part of glamping. The choices are vast, but you can narrow it down by looking for what glamping prospects exist at your choice destination. Maybe you want to tour Europe, but you don’t want to just buy a train ticket or rent a car like everyone else. How about renting a restored, vintage campervan or RV, which you can move and park at will, and even contains most of the amenities of a regular hotel? Catch your breath in a luxury tree house among the lofty California Redwoods. Even the humble tent can range from a simple, small structure to a vast, interior shelter complete with electrical appliances.

Combining camping with all of the best features of an upscale vacation can appeal to virtually anyone. Camping is a way to disconnect, be close to nature, and put our lives into perspective. Add some of your own glamor to that in the form of boutique shopping, local cuisine, cultural appreciation, or fitness classes. Finally, glamor and camping, together at last.


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