Having a hammock instead of a camping tent can give you a unique camping experience.  Aside from that, it can significantly lighten your load.  In case that this is your first time of trying the hammock, we have compiled some necessary tips on what you will expect when you use a hammock and how you can find the best camping hammocks in the market.  Nowadays, it is more preferred to stay in a hammock when you are going to an outdoor activity.  As opposed to tent, this is the more cost-efficient way and the best alternative for camping tent.  However, some people are quite skeptic about its usefulnesss, especially during the rainy season.  By purchasing an extra rain tarp or a bug net, your hammock can immediately turn into viable equipment for different seasons.

Finding the Best Camping Hammocks

Types of Hammock

When choosing a camping hammock, there are different type of hammock that can be separated into 4 categories; Parachute-Nylon Singles, Parachute-Nylon Doubles, Ultra light and the Backcountry.  Parachute Nylon is a very durable type of hammock and can fit 1-2 campers depending on the type (single or double).  Ultra light hammock can be made from a diverse set of materials.  They are designed to be compact and very light.  Unfortunately, they do not provide the same level of comfort that you will expect with parachute nylon.  The Backcountry also known as the expedition is regarded as the best hammock because of the additional feature and space that it provides.  Some models also come with a built-in bug net.

The Right Model

Finding the right model for the best camping hammocks is contingent upon the needs of the camper.  For the camping trips, people generally prefer the bigger hammocks.  They also love to find additional feature such as mosquito net, and wide sleeping bags.  When going on a camping trip, you need to think about your destination, is there a chance that you will experience rain, are there bugs and mosquitoes, is it just a small day, and is it cold-these are the questions that need an answer to find the camping hammock suitable for you.


Carabiners are normally utilized to connect the camping hammock to the strap.  Before looking for a hammock that comes with a carabiner, consider how you are going to hang your hammock first.  You do not want to discover that the carabiner is too small when you are already settled in your camping site.  Also, ensure that the carabiner can withstand the weight and the pressure.

These are some of the factors that you need to think about when you are choosing the best camping hammocks in the market.  Finding a great camping hammock can give you that 360-degree view of the camping site that  give you a distinct nature experience when camping.