The CamelBak ThermoBak Omega 3L hydration packis a perfectly reliable option when all you want is a basic water system.

This pack isn’t designed with the addition of webbing or pockets for a few small supplies.

A great aspect of this hydration pack that I find pleasing is the ability to refill without needing to fully remove the bladder. I find this make the refill process convenient and very fast. Plus, it includes a D-ring attachment point to make it easy to attach to a rucksack, vest or similar load-bearing device.

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  • 100 ounces (or 3 liter) water capacity
  • 183 cubic inches (3 liter total volume)
  • D-right attachment system
  • Stowaway internal pocket
  • Quick-releasing shoulder straps


I love the design of this CamelBak – though there isn’t much space for packing supplies. It is a high-quality hydration pack that is built to be tough, including the zippers. And should the zippers fail, there is a back-up Velcro system in place. I can easily fit a few snack bars or similar in the zip-up area.

In my opinion the ThermoBak is great at keeping the water cool for a good number of hours. It has a bite valve cover to ensure bugs and dirt is kept out. Although, for the first sip of water from the hose it can be quite warm, but after that it is fine.

You get D-hooks attached to the straps which are great for clipping on a camera or similar other device you have.


A slight negative I have with the CamelBak ThermoBak Omega is the lack of a clip or similar to hold the drinking hose – Although I find that I can easily attach it to the straps and it generally stays put while out hiking or running.

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Also, it can be quite difficult to wash this type of hydration pack so if you’re likely to have issues in that regard, it might be best to look at alternative options.

Best Bits

  • Tough and durable
  • Doesn’t have issues with leaks
  • Great 100 oz capacity
  • Easy to refill with large opening
  • Long drinking tube
  • The tube is insulated with neoprene sleeve
  • Bite valve w/protective cover

Worst Bits