The CamelBak Men’s HydroBak Hydration Pack is perfect for a day hike.

I own several of the CamelBak branded packs, so I knew I’ll be getting a quality product.

Note this hydration pack only has the one small pocket. It has the capacity to hold 50-ounces, which is more than enough for a 4-5 hour hike.

I was expecting a chest strap to make sure it is kept in place, but in fact this isn’t really needed. The normal shoulder strap and narrow profile means it easily stays in position on the back. It has a wide mouthpiece to give a good gulp of water and the side zipper has space to accept a smartphone, driving license, keys, or other small necessities.

CamelBak Men’s HydroBak

Well made, the Men’s HydroBak is a high-quality product and what I’ve come to expect from CamelBak.

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  • 100% nylon material
  • A single external pocket
  • 50-ounce reservoir
  • Slim profile
  • Super lightweight on the back


This 50-ounce CamelBak set includes the carrying pack and water bladder for complete ease of use.

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This pack has a single small pocket for holding a few must-have essentials which I use for keys, wallet, cell phone, etc.

The HydroBak has several nice parts I like such as the reflective areas which increase visibility in low-light conditions when out hiking or cycling. Plus, it gives the option to refill externally which saves me a lot of time.

This one is pretty light weight and compact. The size of the HydroBak hydration pack means it is great for a day-hike or cycle ride that lasts the afternoon, but isn’t so practical for the long hike unless access to a fresh supply of water is available en route.



For hiking and cycling everything about this pack is fantastic. But if planning to do a little running, this hydration pack is slightly uncomfortable.

The style of the straps means it can bounce around when moving more vigorously, which can result in chaffing. Another minor niggle is the process of cleaning out the left over water, which could be a little easier.

Best Bits

  • Reflective areas and bright colors (great for low-light conditions)
  • Aerated back area to control sweating
  • Slimline design
  • Light weight

Worst Bits

  • Some might find the pocket too small (for instance, it isn’t able to accept my Galaxy S5)
  • Water tastes slightly odd on the first few uses
  • A chest strap would be a nice finishing touch


The Camelbak Products Men’s HydroBak Hydration Pack has a Best Price of $49.00 (subject to change). It is small enough for most and perfect for the short day-hikes.

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