I am impressed with the CamelBak Rouge 70-ounce.

It is designed to be extremely light and with its easy fill cap, it is quick to clean out and refill. I can easily carry enough water to stay hydrated between stops on a hike. Plus, the Rouge is quite similar to a backpack with the pouches and pocket to hold your wallet, keys, phone, snacks, etc.

If you’re hoping to take more than the essentials on a run or hiking trip, you may want to look at the bigger pack sizes.

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I like to run and hike and found the chest clip that secures the pack is effective at what it does. From my personal experience, I don’t have any issues with the pack bouncing when on-the-go.

I’m curious to see how reliable this little pack is once I’m riding my mountain bike. I didn’t notice the annoyance of a sweaty back when out running or hiking, so I will have to see how it goes on the bike.

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  • Made in 100% nylon
  • Easy refill flap
  • 2 outside pockets / 1 inside slip pocket
  • Rear reflective strip


I like to hike, walk, or bike and can easily use 25-30 ounce of water (per 45-60 minutes) in high heat in the summertime. I really wanted a pack that is able to hold enough water for the entire trip while keeping the hands free.

The CamelBak Rouge easily adjusts in size to fit my frame while providing a high degree of comfort. I prefer to fill the pack with a combination of water and ice, and this has no problem staying cold for hours in the vehicle en route to our trekking destination.

In my opinion the bladder design is effective at minimizing the sloshing effect noticed in certain hydration packs. Plus, no annoying drips leak from the nozzle.

Even the back hasn’t felt too hot after using this hydration pack for several hours on a long trek.


CamelBak Rouge is a great pack for those planning to complete a short mountain hike. Larger sized packs might benefit those looking to carry more supplies on a long 5 or 6 hour trek into the wilds.

Best Bits

  • High-quality material
  • Rugged design and durable
  • Extremely light
  • Simple to clean
  • 70 oz pack is great for 15-50 miles
  • Respectable storage
  • Quick access to drinking tube

Worst Bits

  • Can benefit from a cleaning solution to help maintain the reservoir

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