The best hiking trails in Arkansas include rich scenery through the national forests, wilderness areas, and state parks.

Arkansas is a great destination for backpacking trails, as well as mountain biking trails and ATV trails. Whether it is across lakes or streams, or through valleys or mountains, there are many great experiences to be had in this state.

Best hiking trails in Arkansas

Here are five of the best places to hike in Arkansas:

Devil’s Den Trail

The Devil’s Den trail is about 1.5 miles in length (loop) with a completion time of 2 hours and situated in the Ozark Mountains.

Great features of the hike include the unusual rock formations, a cave, waterfall, views, and wildlife. It is open to the public year-round with light foot traffic most of the time and open to dogs on a leash.

Glory Hole Waterfall Trail

The Glory Hole Waterfall trail is approx 1.9 miles in length (there and back) with light usage, and great views of the forest and waterfalls. The hike to reach the end destination of the waterfall is virtually all downhill, which makes for the easier hike, but for the return journey it means walking uphill to return to base.

The waterfall is the main attraction of the hike and has a more unique look with water flowing through a hole worn through a ledge.

Hemmed in Hollow

The Hemmed in Hollow trail is situated in Compton, AK and stretches about 5 miles in length (there and back). It is open year-round and provides great views, wildlife, waterfalls, rivers, and forests.

This trail is mostly used for hiking and camping and open to dogs provided a leash is used at all times. This hiking is rated difficult, so a practical choice for the more experienced hikers.

Plus, make sure to pack enough water to stay hydrated because the return climb can be long and tiring.

Lost Valley Trail

The Lost Valley Trail is rich in scenic wonders and stretches about 2.3 miles in length (there and back).

Great features of this trail include the scenery with its large boulders, waterfall, caves, and natural bridge. It is open year-round and one of the hiking trail that gets a lot of foot-traffic.

Hiking Lost Valley Trail is relatively easy and great for the entire family. The cave at the very end with the waterfall inside is the most attractive feature of this hiking trip.

Whitaker Point Trail

The Hawksbill Crag section of the Whitaker Point Trail takes the hiker to a rock formation which gives a perfect view of Whitaker Creek and its surrounding landscape.

The trail is about 3 miles in length (there and back) which takes an average of 2 hours to complete. Great features of the hike include views, wildlife, waterfalls, and forest. Plus, throughout the rainy season the hiking path is made that much more interesting with the development of several waterfalls.

Also, the foot-traffic on the trail is relatively light which provides the more peaceful outdoor experience.

For More Information on Hiking and Safety, visit the NPS