Yellowstone hiking is truly amazing!

While some of the trails can be quite crowded, there is still much of the 1,300 mile trail system that can be experienced in peace and quiet.

Hiking in Yellowstone National Park

Here are eight of the most popular Yellowstone hiking opportunities:

Artists Paint Pots

The Artists Paint Pots trail is about 1.2 miles in length and rated easy to moderate to make it a worthwhile Yellowstone hiking trail for most. Great features on this trail include the hot springs, a couple of geysers, a fumarole, and large mud pots. This is a looping trail with an elevation of 100 ft and accessible from May to October.

Avalanche Peak

The Avalanche Peak trail is about 4.5 miles in length with a moderate difficulty rating and situated in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Walk this windy and short trail up a tall peak to get a perfect view of the beautiful surroundings (meadows of wildflowers and beautiful forests). This trail is accessible for hiking from June to September.

Calcite Springs Overlook Trail

The Calcite Spring Overlook trail is easily completed within 1 hour with this looping path rated as easy and 0.3 miles in length. Great features on this easy walk include thermal springs and basalt columns.

Fairy Falls

The Fairy Fall trail is approx. 7 miles in length with rich scenery and a waterfall to admire. It has been given an easy rating and a practical Yellowstone hiking trail for all skill levels. Fairy Falls is a popular hiking destination and is accessible from June to October.

Mount Washburn

The Mount Washburn trail is a popular choice with visitors to Yellowstone and approx 6.4 miles in length (there and back). Before being able to see the terrific views at the top, it is necessary to drive the Dunraven Pass. Great features include wildlife, wildflowers, scenery, and forest. This trail, with its 1390 elevation gain and mountain views isn’t a practical idea for those with vertigo. It is accessible to hike from June to October each year.

Tower Falls Trail

The Tower Fall Trail is a heavily used path with an elevation gain of 225 feet and about 1.5 miles in length (there and back). This trail is rated easy and perfect for hikers at all levels. Great features on this trail include the wildlife and waterfall. The tower Falls trail is open to the public to walk from May to October.

Uncle Tom’s Trail

The Uncle Tom’s trail is about 1 mile in length (there and back) and takes the hiker on a path to the Lower Falls in Yellowstone National Park. Features of this hiking include a river, beautiful scenery, and a waterfall. This trail has an elevation gain of 500 ft and rated difficult.

West Thumb Geyser Basin

The West Thumb Geyser Basin is a short hike at 0.6 miles that makes a loop and goes by several pools and hot springs. It is easily walked within about 1 hour and perfect for hikers of ALL abilities. This trail is open to the public to hike from May to October.