There are plenty of beautiful Washington hiking trails that vary from gentle climbing to the more challenging.

Whether you are searching for cascading waterfalls, old growth woods, high alpine mountains, hot springs, or vast grasslands, there is certain to be a hike in Washington to match the specific needs.

About 20,000 Sq miles of land is reserved for nature with 23 National Wildlife Refuges, 31 Wilderness areas, 9 National Forests, and 5 National Parks/Monuments across the state.

Washington Hiking Trails

Here are seven of the top-rated Washington hiking trails:

Anderson/Watson Lakes Trail

The Anderson/Watson Lakes trail is a great destination for a day-hike or even overnight for those wishing to spend longer surrounded by the beautiful backcountry lakes. The actual trail is about 2.5 miles in length and situated close to Darrington, Washington.

This hiking trail has a difficulty rating and accessible to the public from June to October.

Chain Lakes

The Chain Lake Loop trail is about 7.8 miles in length with 1700 ft elevation and situated at Mount Baker, Washington. This trail is given a moderate to difficult rating and gives perfect access to the Chain Lakes and local scenery.

Take along a map to help navigate the trail because there are several different loop options that can help take the hiker back to home base. The preferred time to walk these Washington hiking trails is July to November.

Hoh Rainforest Trail

The Hoh Rain Forest Hall of Moss trail is a loop path that extends about 10.2 miles and situated near Forks, Washington. This trail is easy to hike with an elevation gain of 500 ft and includes a broad river valley, the Olympic Mountains, Roosevelt elk, cascading moss, and huge trees.

The Hoh Rainforest trail is open year-round and great for hiking, walking, and camping.

Horseshoe Basin

The Horseshoe Basin trail is situated in Loomis, Washington and 12 miles in length with an elevation gain of about 1600 ft. This trail is favored by backpackers wishing to spend a day-hike or multi-day hike in the region to explore the stunning alpine landscapes, admire the Canadian border monuments, and climb the local peaks.

Horseshoe Basin has been given a moderate difficulty rating and best hiked during the period June to October.

Larch Lake

The Larch Lake trail is about 5.4 miles in length and includes golden larches, lake basins, and alpine passes to admire. It has a difficult rating with an elevation gain of 2459 ft and perfect to walk from August to October.

Park Butte

The Park Butte trail is situated near Concrete, Washington and is an alpine hike that is about 7.4 miles in length with an elevation gain of 2200 ft. It has a difficult rating, but a great hiking Washington trail for the day-hiker or backpacker from June to October.

While the Park Butte trail is mostly used by hikers and snowshoeing, there is also a chance of seeing horses and dogs on the path.

Spider Meadow

The Spider Meadow trail is approx 12.7 miles (round trip) with an elevation of 1900 ft and based near Leavenworth, Washington. This trail is highly appreciated for its ability to give great views of the Glacier Peak Wilderness with easy access to alpine country, forests, and cascade meadows.

This path is accessible to hike from June to October.