Hiking pants provide a variety of benefits for a hiker, including a lightweight fabric, toughness, and high level of comfort.

Blue jeans are versatile, but generally not a practical option for hiking. A proper pair of hiking pants is short or long length with the ability to give complete freedom in movement.

Plus, these pants can include a fabric with built-in anti-mosquito treatment to prevent insect bites on the trails.

Advantages of hiking pants

Here are seven of the benefits hiking pants have over a pair of blue jeans:


Most of the hiking pants in the market are manufactured in an exceptionally light but tough material such as nylon. Light pants are preferred on the trail because it makes the constant movement and climbing more comfortable.


A great quality of the trekking pants is the comfortable fabric and lightweight fit. Plus, the pants are roomy which gives more comfort walking the trails and doesn’t crimp up like other pants in a heavy material.

The best hiking attire gives unlimited flexibility and makes it easy to maneuver on the difficult terrains including scrambling up rocks.

Also, the elastic waistbands on these pants might not be the most stylish, but certain to give a high level of comfort.


Hiking pants are generous when it comes to pockets with a choice of spacious storage areas.

Pockets are useful on the trail for holding easy to reach essentials, such as snacks, lip balm, sunscreen, maps, compass, etc.


A full-length pair of trekking pants gives reliable protection on the trail and avoids issues such as cuts or scrapes from thorny bushes, twigs, rocks, or similar hazards.

Plus, the legs are protected from the sun in a fabric that’s lightweight and breathable.

Quick Drying

Quick drying pants are essential on the hiking trails to avoid being left uncomfortable in damp or water conditions.

Most of the nylon hiking pants are designed to dry incredibly quickly and known for not holding or absorbing water. Hiking in the proper attire is certain to benefit in mountainous regions or similar that are likely to be accompanied by moist weather.

Mountainous areas are one area where blue jeans shouldn’t be worn because the material will stay damp for the duration of the hike should they get wet.


Hiking pants use a type of nylon that is virtually silent when walking along the trails.

An advantage of this is the ability to walk quiet when out hiking with no noise of rustling pants and also makes it possible to get close to wildlife without causing a disturbance.

Shorts (convertible)

Hiking pants give great flexibility with many easily converting to shorts. A zipper can appear at about one-third of the distance down on the pants. By unzipping this area of the pants it is possible to have a nice pair of hiking shorts.

Plus, with the pants that have low zips it is even possible to remove the end of the pants without needing to take off the boots.