Hiking and backpacking is now more popular than ever before, and it is the perfect activity for people to not only get some essential exercise and physical activity, but to also get away from the hustle and bustle of day to day living.

It gives time escape to the wilderness where they can take a step back, get back to nature, and help get some quality time away from stressful city living.

Hiking is not to be taken lightly, however, as there are many hiking trails located all across the globe, that are potentially very treacherous indeed, especially if you happen to get lost or aren’t as well prepared as you perhaps should have been.

Hiking Gadgets

In hiking, preparation is most definitely the key, and so to help ensure you’re as well prepared during your next hiking trip as you possibly can be, here are four essential hiking gadgets that every hiker should have.

Map of the Hiking Trails and Area

Buy a map, we mean a proper map, I.E a paper map, not Google maps or the GPS feature on your smart phone.

Whilst these features are indeed fantastic, all it takes is a flat battery, a lack of signal, harsh weather, or even a dropped phone and all of a sudden your expensive smart phone is now pretty much worthless.

Experienced hikers always head outdoors with an up to date paper map of the areas they plan on hiking in.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re hiking on trails, cross country, alpine hiking, or anything else; always have an updated and detailed paper map in your possession.


Again, don’t rely on the compass on your smart phone as your primary compass, for all of the reasons that we mentioned previously.

Instead, pick up a good quality compass from your local outdoor hiking/camping store instead.

Obviously you will need to know how to use it, and providing you do, look for features such as: 0 – 360 degrees going up in 2 degree increments, liquid filled to protect the magnetic needle inside, plus a fold out mirror designed for sightings.

Flashlight and Headlight

Even if you’re only planning on hiking for one day, during daylight hours, you should always carry a flashlight and headlight with you at all times, as you never know when you may need them.

Obviously, if you plan on hiking in the dark, then that goes without saying, but make sure you bring a headlight and a flashlight as well.

Find lights that are water resistant as the last thing you want is your light dying on you at night time during an intense downpour.

Also, look for lights which carry spare bulbs inside their housing as that way if the bulb does blow, you can simply replace it with the spare.


Never underestimate the importance of batteries as they can help you in a number of different ways.

To begin with, your flashlights may need batteries, not to mention any other electrical gadgets you may have, so always carry plenty to be sure.

Plus, although highly unlikely, you may even need to make fire without matches/a lighter, and a battery plus some metal gauze can come in very useful indeed.

Hiking gadgets don’t have to be high-tech and sophisticated, in fact, for most hikers, the more primitive yet functional, the better, as they almost serve as a metaphor for the art of hiking itself.

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