Whether you are just starting to hike or are an experienced trekker, Utah hiking offers a host of awesome spots that are must-see.

Utah Hiking

Plan to hike these nine spectacular paths on your next visit to Utah:

Angels Landing Summit

This 4.4 mile long trail culminates at the top of Angels Landing. Because of its popularity, you will undoubtedly meet many other hikers along the way. Good condition and no fear of heights is recommended.

Albion Meadows Trail

For sheer beauty, the Albion Meadows Trail tops many others. It passes through glorious Meadows filled with wildflowers in the spring and summer.

Convenient to the Alta Ski Area and only 2 miles long, this path is perfect for families with children.

Buckskin Gulch

A perfect, dry weather report is necessary before you head down into the most popular narrows in the country. Buckskin Gulch has few points of entry and exit along its 23 mile length so careful planning is important.

Delicate Arch

Arches National Park frequently uses the magnificent Delicate Arch on postcards, in calendars and promotional gear. It has become the symbol of this amazing part of the country.

Lucky Utah hiking fans of all experience levels and capabilities can take the easy to moderate 3 mile trail and see it up close and personal.

Devils Garden Loop

This 8 mile trail should not be attempted in the summer months, as the excess heat is dangerous. The spring and autumn are popular seasons there and hikers will have plenty of company on the trail.

It can get cold in the winter time, but you will find more solitude if you enjoy hiking in those temperatures. Proper preparation is necessary no matter what time of year you tackle this hike.

Donut Falls Trail

The Donut Fall trail at 1.5 miles follows the outline of Mill D South Fork Creek and is rated with a difficulty rating of easy to make it a favorite for hikers of all ages. It is a shaded trail with a lot of quaking aspen and pine in the local area.

High Uintas Journey

With plenty of vacation saved up, an experienced backpacker can trek the 54 miles into the center of the High Uintas region. The time and effort will be greatly rewarded with the unforgettable mountain scenery at every turn.

It is possible to break the trek up into smaller chunks or change the route a bit so it can be completed more easily.

Kings Peak

The 28 mile hiking trail provides spectacular mountain scenery and a walk by multiple lakes that are popular with anglers and campers.

This is not a hike for someone looking for solitude, although many trekkers do not break away from the trail at Anderson Pass and continue up the mountain to the highest peak in the state: 13,528 foot Kings Peak.

Narrows of Zion Canyon

While the more hard-core hikers can travel this 15.4 mile trail in one day, it is more popular with backpackers who bring along overnight gear. It leads down the north fork of the Virgin River and actually requires wading part of the time.

The trail itself is not difficult and remains one of the most popular in Zion National Park.

Observation Point at Zion Canyon

Hikers with strong knees will appreciate this climb from the bottom of Zion Canyon. The trail is only 8 miles long, but its steep path up the canyon wall makes it take longer.

Once you reach Observation Point at the top and see the glorious views, you will be glad you made the effort.