When it comes to hiking Lake Tahoe, keen hikers, outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, and simply those looking to spend a little time in the great outdoors, will be spoilt for choice when they see the vast selection of hiking trails to choose from, in, and around, Lake Tahoe.

Not only is hiking peaceful, enjoyable, and productive, it’s also a great way of staying in shape and it is a proven stress buster as well.

Hiking Lake Tahoe is considered so enjoyable because there are literally so many different trails to choose from, each one just as physically demanding and beautiful as the last.

With so many fantastic hiking trails to choose from, even the most experienced of hikers will be able to find hikes and trails they’ve never completed before and will never be bored as a result.

Hiking Lake Tahoe

Here we’ll be listing just three of the most popular hikes in all of Lake Tahoe so you can find your ideal trail in no time at all.

Fallen Leaf Lake

If you plan on hiking with your family or are simply looking for a relatively easy yet still highly enjoyable hike, Fallen Leaf Lake is absolutely ideal.

There are plenty of gentle hiking trails which contour their way around the lake, as well as camp sites and Taylor Creek itself. For those of you who enjoy wild flowers during the spring, you’ll be in your element here during the early months of the New Year.

The hike is around 1-3 miles in total, depending on just how much exploring you do, but it is certainly not one of the more physically demanding hikes you’ll ever encounter.

Skyline trail

Skyline trail is actually a lift-accessed hiking trail which allows keen hikers to access trails located at an unusually high elevation, without actually having to hike miles upon miles upwards on a steep incline.

Whilst incline hiking is a great form of cardio, you’ll often find yourself exhausted by the time you reach the top, before you actually begin the hike itself.

By making your way up via a lift, you reserve your energy so you can enjoy the great views of the skyline trail without being exhausted before even beginning.

For stunning views of Lake Tahoe and Carson Valley, the skyline trail is absolutely perfect, and at around a 2 mile round trip, it isn’t too exhausting either.

Rubicon trail

The Rubicon trail is located along the shorelines of the emerald bay and is perfect for providing stunning panoramic views of the lake itself for miles upon miles.

The Rubicon trail will take you past old lighthouses, waterfalls, nature reserves, coves, bays, cliffs, and wildlife and foliage that look as if they’ve been plucked directly from a fairytale.

This hike, however, is for the more experienced hiker as the entire round trip is over 13 miles in length, so you will need plenty of time to complete it.

If you have the time, as well as the experience and stamina, however, the Rubicon trail is highly recommended and is one of the main reasons why hiking Lake Tahoe is now more popular than ever before.