Hiking Insect Protection

Hiking Insect Protection: How to Repel Insects on the Trails

Hiking insect protection is essential in regions with lush rainforests, wildflower meadows, and ocean tide pools. While it is easier to avoid the large wildlife like the black bear and mollusks, it is the smallest...
Swollen Hands Hiking

Swollen Hands Hiking: Why Do My Hands Swell During Long Hikes?

Q. Why do my hands swell during long hikes? A. Swollen hands hiking or similar physical activities are quite common. The most likely cause of this problem relates to the body’s blood vessels and increased...
Hiking Lightweight

5 Tips for Hiking Lightweight

Hiking lightweight is going from 50 lb packs to 20 lb packs for the first time. It takes some getting used to because you are bringing along less clothing, less sunscreen, less shelter. Basically, you...

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